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The average life expectancy of an American football NFL player has been reported to be very low, merely 53 to 59 years depending on playing position.[1]

Contrastly, a 2012 study reported that retired NFL players have a lower mortality rate than men in the general population.[2] Retired FL players often have significant wealth and there is a positive correlation between wealth and longer life.[3]

Here is growing list of NFL enthusiasts who, despite being above average in wealth in and intelligence, prematurely declined in their health and/or died younger than the average American:

NFL Enthusiast date of declining health and/or death
Wade Wilson, quarterback and then NFL coach died at 60[4]
Tom Dempsey, record-setting placekicker dementia by about age 65, and passed away from COVID-19 at age 73[5]
Dwight Clark, star wide receiver and then NFL executive developed Lou Gehrig's disease, died at 61
Tommy Nobis, "Mr. Falcon" who constantly watched football declined mentally for years, developed CTE,[6] died at 74[7]
Pat Bowlen, owner and constant fan of the Denver Broncos died at age 75 after having Alzheimer's disease for more than 5 years[8]
Aaron Hernandez, tight end for the New England Patriots possibly committed multiple murders, despite being convicted for only one. Admitted homosexual, as was the motive in the one conviction that stuck. Died at 27 by his own hand, with the "worst case of CTE ever seen" for a person of that age. Was it the brain injuries caused by the NFL, the "lifestyle" he enjoyed, or something else, that led him to be a psychopathic killer?

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