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Jim Quinn is an American Conservative talk radio host. His show, The War Room with Quinn and Rose, airs on 104.7 WPGB based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the city which he calls the "Steel Buckle of the Rust Belt". He also has many affiliates on AM/FM talk radio, as well as XM satellite radio.[1]


Quinn started off in the 1960s as somewhat of a parodist on talk radio. One of his first shows was The Quinn and Banana Show. Much of their commentary was considered by some to be politically incorrect, which ultimately led to the cancellation of the show after making suggestions that local newswoman Liz Randolph was adept at certain sexual acts.[2] Since then, Quinn has been passionately opposed to any government interventions that inhibit free speech, such as the Fairness Doctrine.

Shortly after the lawsuit and subsequent cancellation, Quinn moved to 96.9 WRRK, adopting the Conservative talk radio format, before moving to his current "base."

The War Room

Quinn's show, which airs from 6 AM - 10 AM Monday through Friday, is centered around laws that he has formulated through his years in talk radio. These are referred to as Quinn's Laws (paraphrased):[3]

  1. Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.
  2. The belief that the solution to the human condition is liberty.
  3. America is not an Imperialist nation despite what your professors tell you. We are not shoving our way of life down anyones throats, we are shoving freedom down the throats of tyrants so other people can chose their own way of life.
  4. Marxism is the greatest threat to human freedom and growth.
  5. America is not the world largest polluter because carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is plant food.
  6. The environmental movement uses the environment and animal species as an excuse for putting the means of production (the land) off limits to the American citizen. Putting the means of production off limits to the citizen is the definition of communism.
  7. Abortion is the Sacrament of the Feminist Church. It is the ultimate celebration of the separation of a woman from her nature. Feminists like this will go to any lengths to protect this so-called right. There is no abortion argument that is not rooted in feminist rage, personal inconvenience, or self-loathing.
  8. The United Nations is an expensive farce that allows tyrants to park illegally and pretend that they are legitimate World Statesmen - they are not. They are thugs in $4000.00 suits.
  9. Reaganomics is the only economic system that works. Lowering tax rates increases wealth to everyone, including the government because there is no limit to wealth. New wealth is created where wealth did not exist before when a human acts on a resource and humans can only do that when they are free. Taxes are restrictions on freedom.
  10. The Second Amendment to the US constitution is the essential counterbalance to the fearsome power of lawmaking, and it means exactly what it says.
  11. There is no such thing as the separation of church and state. That is a trick to intimidate people of faith. The founders feared a Church of the United States, not a manger scene outside the courthouse or red and green cookies in school. In using this canard as a tool to drive all God centered religion out of public life, the secular humanist actually establishes an official state religion. That religion is Atheism.
  12. You cannot legalize gay marriage because there is no such thing. Its like legalizing the square wheel. Marriage as a concept was created give a name to an arrangement between a man and woman that has the potential to create the lives of the next generation of citizens. Gay understand this and it explains the headlong plunge into gay adoption as an attempt to legitimize the oxymoron, Gay Marriage.


Quinn, for the most part, follows the typical format of Conservative talk radio. His topics are introduced as "Heads-Ups", such as the Liberal heads up, Environmentalist heads up, Religion of Peace heads up, and so on. He touches on topics that the Drive-by media refuses to discuss.[4] He correctly refers to Democrats as Marxists.

He constantly criticizes organizations such as C.A.I.R. and the A.M.A.[5] He avidly supported the Fair Tax, as well as the Bush tax cuts. His belief is that Islamo-fascism is fundamentally evil, and that the United States' occupation of Iraq is justified by the War on Terror. He recently criticized Jimmy Carter's "diplomatic meeting" with the leaders of Hamas, and stated that he should be tried for treason.

Many of his segments deal with the Environmentalist movement. He refers to the Environmentalists as "Enviro-weenies." He criticizes the use of Ethanol as an alternative fuel saying that it would lead to an exponential increase in the price of corn that is used in numerous foodstuffs. He is a strong advocate for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (A.N.W.R.). He recently posted a petition on his website to urge the government to drill for oil there.[6]

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