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The JFK Assassination Records consist of the much-awaited release on October 26, 2017, of 6685 files exposing the communications among government officials that were withheld for more than 50 years from the American people.

This latest release of records is posted here.

Some of the files have nothing to do with the JFK assassination, while others disclose the communist connection with other countries and in meetings held in Mexico. The documents are from as early as 1948 in monitoring communist activity in the United States, and include many years after the JFK assassination.

Document 104-10230-10079 is one of the 6,685 released, and it memorializes how American-haters met in Mexico in 1960 to plan their schemes. This sheds light on the immigration debate today: Mexico has long been a hotbed for anti-American activities.

Obama buddy Bill Ayers appears in document 6556 (104-10063-10377) from the FBI, which describes a speech he gave at American University on September 24, 1969:

[Bill] Ayers stated that the United States 'imperialist' army cannot win against the 'People's Army' and that 'imperialism' will be destroyed and that all people should participate in its destruction. He said that SDS [Students for a Democratic Society] will eventually be engaged in armed conflict against the United States. His speech ended abruptly due to heckling and ridicule from the audience, including the SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] speaker.

Document 259, an FBI internal memo dated 05/28/1964, explained that Oswald returned from Mexico to the United States in October 1963 (one month before the assassination), and Oswald used the alias "H.O. Lee," which apparently was not previously reflected in documentation about Lee Harvey Oswald.

Document 291 (124-10182-10418), an FBI internal memo dated 12/23/1963, discussed comments made at a Communist Party meeting in New York City, during which it was stated that "the prime thing to do was to prove that he (Oswald) was not a Marxist. [Irving] Potash said 'The New Republic' has an investigatory trying to prove he (Oswald) 'was linked to the ultra-right ...'" Irving Potash was one of 11 communists who had been convicted under the Smith Act in 1949 and later left the United States to settle in a communist country but illegally returned and participated in this New York meeting with full knowledge of the FBI.


The files contained a CIA report, which reported that "Hitler may have escaped Germany for South America."[1] An alleged photo of Hitler was included in the CIA report, but the report goes on to state that neither the contact who reported his conversations, nor the CIA station could give an "intelligent evaluation of the information".[2]


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