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Carlos Latuff is a left-wing anti-Semitic cartoonist who lives in Brazil. He constantly accuses Israel of slaughtering Palestinians, although most of his claims are false. In 2007, he won the second place prize in the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Competition, which was filled with hateful artwork. On the official cartoonist's website of Iran, he has a full section dedicated to his comics, as his foothold in the Arab world is increasingly large. The official cartoonist's website of Iran often displays hateful comic strips in their exhibitions. Latuff is also extremely anti-American, as well as a homosexual.

Proof of antisemitism

Although Carlos Latuff claims to be only anti-Zionist, his story is filled with contradictions. He made a series of comics depicting Jews and Arabs getting along and holding hands, as well as Jews fighting Israeli soldiers. In these comics, the Jews are all drawn with large noses and small eyes. In many of his comics, the Israelis are shown with yarmulkes, and symbolism such as the Star of David and the Menorah are used to represent them.

In 2002, Carlos Latuff made a series of comics entitled "We are all Palestinian". One of the comics features a Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto saying "I am Palestinian!". He was sued for antisemitism, but was declared innocent of the charges.

In 2004, a neo-nazi group in Brazil murdered 12 homeless people. Soon after, the Jewish community was accused of the murders. Carlos Latuff quickly drew a comic strip in which a man in a soldiers uniform stands above several dead homeless people. His shadow on the wall forms a Star of David. After the Jewish community was proven to be innocent, he quickly removed the cartoon, although not before it caught the attention of some local anti-defamation groups. He has since then denied authorship, despite the signature and artwork style matching his.

In 2019, he created a cartoon which depicted Donald Trump's and benjamin Netanyahu's hands over the mouths of Democrat Congresswomen and Squad members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib; Trump and Netanyahu's sleeves were blue, and there was a Star of David in the centre of the picture, forming the flag of Israel. This was after the two Congresswomen were barred from the country for anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

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