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Nearly all NFL stadiums have been built at taxpayer expense, and some of them have been abandoned before the debt is even paid off.

Giants stadium in New Jersey was abandoned by the NFL and there was still $110 million in debt owed by taxpayers on it after it was demolished.[1]

Seattle residents owed $80 million on the Seattle Kingdome even after it was demolished.[1]

The Pontiac Silverdome was abandoned by the NFL in Detroit and it has fallen into shocking disrepair.[2]

The Astrodome in Houston fell into such disrepair after being abandoned that it violated numerous building codes and part of it was demolished.[3]

The RCA Dome in Indianapolis was opened in 1983 and closed in 2008. [4]

Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, home to the Baltimore Colts and briefly the Baltimore Ravens (and also the Baltimore Orioles prior to Camden Yards), was closed in 1997 and demolished in 2002.[5]

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