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The 2021 Summer Olympics (Games of the XXXII Olympiad) will be held in Tokyo, Japan, officially beginning July 23, 2021, lasting about 16 days.[1] It is also know as the 2020 Summer Olympics.

COVID vaccination is not required of the athletes, and Japan itself is skeptical about the vaccine. Inoculation rates in the highly educated, prosperous Japan are lower than in other industrialized countries. A list of athletes who have tested positive for COVID or who are self-isolating is reported on by the media.[2]

The International Olympic Committee is now forbidding the wearing of political apparel to the Olympic Games, including Black Lives Matter apparel, as BLM is a political organization.[3] However, apparel containing generic terms such as "peace" and "equality" are still permitted.

Political issues

Political issue Status
Cannabis ban Unlike liberal states, the Olympics bans marijuana use. A top American athlete, sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson, has been excluded from the 100m dash at this Olympics due to testing positive for the banned substance.[4]
COVID vaccine The vaccine police are furious that athletes are not required to be vaccinated. "Belgium's Olympic Committee director has revealed that up to 10 or 12 of the country's athletes have refused their second Covid vaccine ahead of the Tokyo Games."[5]

Top Athletes

Sprinter Allyson Felix shattered the record for the most career Olympic records won in track and field.

Michael Andrew, a 22-year-old swimmer who is the first American to qualify for an individual breaststroke event and another individual event other than an individual medley (IM). He also speaks out publicly about declining the COVID vaccine. He will compete in the 50m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, and 200m individual medley.

Clayton Murphy won the U.S. trials for the 800m in the best time of this year, and did not even look fatigued after the race. He won the bronze medal in this race in 2016.

Simone Biles, considered to be perhaps the greatest gymnast of all time, was supposed to be competing in multiple events. She won 4 gold medals and one silver at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Her sportsmanship is as great as her athleticism, as she graciously accepted her second-place silver medal in one 2016 event better than the media did. However, she quit and did not represent the USA, citing "mental health" issues. The liberal media was quick to heap praise upon her for her poor decision to drop out.[6][7]

Ryan Crouser set a new world record in the shot put at the trials, by tossing the 16-pound iron ball 23.37 meters (76 feet 8 1/4 inches). This shattered a 31-year-old record by 10 inches.

Katie Ledecky could win five medals in swimming, after winning a gold in 2012 and four in 2016 at those Olympics.[8]

The 25-year-old's record feat arrives less than a week after American Rai Benjamin came five-hundredths of a second short of Young's time at the U.S. Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon, clocking 46.83 to leap Warholm for second-fastest in history.

Exciting showdown in the 400m high hurdles with Norway's Karsten Warholm, who just broke the longest-running track world record (29 years), and two other near-record holders: the American Rai Benjamin and Qatar's Abderrahman Samba.[9]

Sam Kendricks, world champion in 2019 and bronze medalist in 2016, goes against the Swedish world record-holder Armand "Mondo" Duplantis in the pole vault.[10]

Grant Holloway nearly broke the world record in the men's 110m hurdles, running it in a time of 12.81 seconds at the trials, which is merely .01 seconds longer than the world record.

JuVaughn Harrison is the first American since Jim Thorpe in 1912 to qualify for the Olympics in both the high jump and the long jump.

Galen Rupp won a bronze medal in the marathon at the 2016 Olympics in 2016, and a silver medal in the 10,000m at the 2012 Olympics in 2012. Rupp won the marathon at the trials this summer and will be competing in that event in his fourth Olympics.

Sydney McLaughlin set a new world record of 51.90 in the women's 400m hurdles with a time of 51.90 seconds.

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic attempts to become the first tennis player ever to win all four major tournaments and the Olympics in one calendar year. Other top players are not competing: Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer (injured knee), and Coco Gauff (COVID-19).

Elle Purrier St. Pierre, a Vermont dairy farmer sponsored by the Cabot Creamery Cooperative in Waitsfield, Vermont, broke the 33-year-old U.S. Olympic trial record for the 1,500m.[11]


Wrestling is an Olympic sport despite attempts by liberals to further emasculate the games by eliminating this manly activity (a prior successful attempt to do this led to a quick reversal; notably, the United States joined with rival countries Russia and Iran in the protest).

U.S. men's freestyle wrestling has these contenders:

  • Thomas Gilman (University of Iowa, 57 kg)
  • Kyle Dake (defeated 2012 Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs to qualify, 74 kg)
  • David Taylor (Penn State alum, 2018 world champion, 86 kg)
  • Kyle Snyder (Ohio State alum, gold medalist in 2016, 97 kg)
  • Gable Steveson (does backflips after a big win, 125 kg)

In Greco-Roman style wresting:

  • Ildar Hafizov (immigrated from Uzbekistan, 60 kg)
  • Alejandro Sancho (Miami native, 76 kg)
  • John Stefanowicz (moved up from 82 kg to 87 kg, because his preferred weight is not an Olympic class)
  • G'Angelo Hancock (97 kg)

Unsportsmanship watch

Leading candidates for the most unsportsmanlike conduct include the U.S. women's soccer and men's basketball teams, which can consist of:

  • overemphasizing meaningless "who won" rather than the spirit of the games
  • acting rudely after a disappointing result
  • running up the score against a weak opponent
  • making self-centered comments to the media
  • unjustified self-aggrandizement
  • exploiting a moment that should be patriotic into some kind of Leftist political statement

Biased media coverage

Liberal media coverage has been overwhelmingly devoted to women athletes who have been disqualified due to drug use or protesting the American flag. There has been little media coverage of male athletes in track and field or wrestling sports.

Joke sports

Surfing, skateboarding, and sport climbing are three new joke sports added to the long list of bogus sports that already dominate the summer Olympics.[12] Meanwhile, attempts to emasculate the Olympics almost succeeded in eliminating men's wresting.


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