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Whatfinger News is an online news aggregate website of links, stories, alternative observations the mainstream fake media would never cover. Similar in concept to the successful Drudge Report however truly unique and decidedly conservative, unlike Drudge. In addition, ten times the content with labels pointing out the sources as 'Leftwing' and crucial opinion accompanying many headlines. Many different types of content links can be found including videos, tech, sports, humor, unique statistical charts, the Twitter feed of President Trump. Whatfinger News was founded by military people. [1] Whatfinger's mission: "The Relentless Pursuit of Creating The Greatest Aggregate Link News Site On Earth."

As of September 2020, Whatfinger News averages 16 million pageviews a month. [2]


In addition to heavyweight liberal sources and Fox News, these conservative sources get routine coverage on the platform:

Liberty Nation, Patriot Retort, White House Dossier, Geller Report, IOTW Report, Sparta Report, CommDigiNews, Revolutionary ActDB, Daily Update, The Epoch Times

Whatfinger Videos


On This Day section highlights Top Songs, Military History, Bible Verses, Debt Clock and more. Newspapers Front Pages section highlights ten newspaper links. Left Side Column section - U.S. News, World, Blogs, Stats and more. Quick Smile, Laugh Or Interesting section is a family friendly humor.

Surfing & Exploring Whatfinger News

As you read: you’ll notice each block of links is divided by site logos or graphics in each larger headline column (like the long center column to the left). These blocks of links usually have 3-4 political articles and 2 or 3 ‘topic’ articles such as Election 2020, World, U.S. News: Civ-Clash, Sci-Tech etc. Only the Military-War Group in left column daily is super-sized with more links. The Aggregate Section is straight down on right – where we bring you the best of Drudge, Citizen, Free Rep., Bad Blue, Censored, etc – All of the aggregates… giving you more news than any site.


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