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The West Coast Conference (WCC) is a NCAA Division I (non-football) sports conference, headquartered in the Bay Area suburb of San Bruno, California.

The WCC consists of ten members, all of which are private, faith-based (or historically faith-based) universities. Of the ten, seven are affiliated with various orders of the Roman Catholic Church (Gonzaga, Loyola Marymount, San Francisco, and Santa Clara with the Jesuits, Saint Mary's with the De La Salle Brothers, Portland with the Congregation of the Holy Cross, and San Diego with the local diocese), while the remaining three are affiliated with Protestant denominations (Brigham Young with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Pepperdine with the Churches of Christ, and Pacific with historical ties to the United Methodist Church though no longer financially supported by them).

The conference does not sponsor football; only two schools participate in the sport (Brigham Young as a FBS Independent and San Diego with the FCS Pioneer Football League). It is considered a "mid-major" basketball powerhouse: San Francisco won repeat titles in the 1950's with Bill Russell while in recent times Gonzaga has become a basketball power and Saint Mary's its closest rival.

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