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  • How can a bad block be brought to the attention of a user with block rights?
    • Is there recourse for the blocked user? What can he or she do?
  • What is the risk of a bad block being allowed to stay for too long a period of time?
    • Loss of interest by the unfairly blocked user. Good faith users are important. Many editors to our wiki might be first time wiki editors, and should they fall victim to an unfair block they may quickly be dissuaded and leave the project permanently. This should be avoided by all reasonable means. A vandal can be reverted - but a lost editor's potential can't be recaptured.
  • What is a bad block?
    • A bad block is a block issued for vindictive or ideological reasons. No user intentionally issues a bad block, therefore it is extremely difficult for a user to recognize that his or her issued block may have been a mistake. Good users can make mistakes; I have made mistakes.
  • Can one user with block rights undo another user with block rights's block in a respectful way that does not turn into one user vs. another?
    • Yes. By being respectful in the edit summary and understanding that the block was issued for a reason.