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Avoided at all cost? I Suggest rewording it

Iduan, I think more care in the past should have been taken concerning blocks. For example, I think of the 6-8 editors I invited to CP, 2 were blocked unfairly. One was the first name and last initial reason, if memory serves, even though they did not have a silly username. I got both blocks overturned.

At the same time, the "avoid at all cost" blocking someone unfairly doesn't sound practical because at the present time due to the significant amount of vandalism/parody, I think it should ultimately be a cost/benefit decision. I think you should reword it to something like "great care should be used to not block someone unfairly". Perhaps, if the day arrives where the volume of vandalism/parody goes down, the "at all cost" standard could be used, but I think it is impractical now.

For example, as of 8/13/11, I think it is obvious that these articles are purposefully written poorly and in an unencyclopedic manner plus there are no citations for some of the material (see original articles):

The blocking policy panel is going to have to decide whether the policy should be to ask the person to fix the material or just block them on the spot and move on. And of course, if they don't fix the material, how soon before they are blocked?

Conservative 19:05, 13 August 2011 (EDT)

Duly noted - and just so you know this page was more my brainstorming than it was my finalized ideas (I quickly outlined a few things running through my mind right before I crashed and slept for 5 hours :), but i'll definitely look at rewording. Still, I must say that I do imagine that we can create a system where bad blocks don't happen. I shall attempt more finalized ideas come morning--IDuan 01:43, 14 August 2011 (EDT)
Given human frailty, bad blocks are going to happen. I think you are being too idealistic. From a Christian perspective, within Christians, there is a struggle that goes on as far as doing the right thing which is written about HERE and HERE Conservative 01:38, 15 August 2011 (EDT)