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Tony Podesta showing off art work that welcomes visitors to his home. The sculpture was inspired by a headless corpse found in the home of Jeffrey Dahmer.[1]

Anthony "Tony" Podesta (born October 24, 1943) is a Washington, D.C. lobbyist and the brother of John Podesta. The two founded the Podesta Group lobbying firm in 1988. It became one of the most influential lobbying firms in Washington, closely linked to the Democratic party. Tony and John Podesta are both of Greek and Italian descent.

John Podesta left the lobbying firm in 1993 to become Staff Secretary for the Clinton White House, leaving Tony Podesta in charge. Podesta has had many powerful clients, including Russians.[2]

Tony Podesta represented the Brussels based European Centre for Modern Ukraine (ECFMU), a front organization for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. The ECFMU was founded to enhance EU-Ukrainian relations. The ECFMU is linked with the Ukrainian Party of Regions. Podesta was paid $900,000.[3]

Podesta represented Uranium One, a company acquired by the Russian government which needed approval from Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for one speech from a Russian investment bank with “links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.” The Clinton Foundation pocketed $145 million.[4] Podesta was paid $180,000 for his illegal lobbying.[5]

Podesta Group handled Russia's largest bank, Sperbank. “Sberbank is the Kremlin, they don’t do anything major without Putin's go-ahead, and they don’t tell him ‘no’ either,” a Senior U.S. intelligence official said.

The firm went defunct in the later half of 2017 as a result of the Mueller probe and the firm's unregistered lobbying for the European Centre for Modern Ukraine (ECFMU). Podesta Group did not file as an agent of a foreign power under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Tony Podesta is perhaps best known for his art collection.[6] Washington Life magazine did a piece on his $5 million home and his 1300 piece "art" collection. One reviewer noted the "art" is so bad, journalists won't show it in articles. If Podesta's taste in art is meant to shock, it does the job. Most of the subject material revolves around abused children, headless corpses and dismemberment, and Satanic ritual abuse.

Tony Podesta at one time was an aide to Sen. Ted Kennedy and worked on his failed 1980 primary campaign. Podesta also worked on the failed campaigns of Sens. Eugene McCarthy in 1968 and George McGovern in 1972.

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