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Conservative, do you mind if I move the Bara Group point in with Atheism on the Left? I feel that it would do more justice there rather than in the introduction since it mainly applies to Atheists on the left and not Atheists who are social conservatives of whom I have mentioned. Oh, and on that note, why did you place Atheism and the left on the top? Surely at conservapedia one would talk about conservatism before mentioning communism. I always thought that it is an admission of failure if you have to mention ideological opponents before talking about your own ideological strengths (in this case, conservatism) Ryancsh 1:57AM, 10 July 2013 (GMT)

Historically, most atheists have tilted more to the left than the right and I cited some data supporting this matter. Also, much of secular Europe, most of internet atheism, history of socialism/communism, etc. supports this matter as well.
re: social conservatism: Provide sufficient data to support your contention that such a demarcation is warranted. Like not cherry picking and practicing the fallacy of exclusion. The only data I am aware of that might be related to this is a study indicating that atheists raised by Christians (I do not recall if they were a certain type of Christian such as evangelical) or who have lived in a Christianized area give more to charity than the atheists who do not share these characteristics. See the video: Christians give more to charity video. I am guessing they might have more social conservatism too. But that is just a educated guess.
I do know that that the atheist Ayn Rand said selfishness is a virtue and Christians such as Chuck Colson have taken exception to Christians touting some of her works. Ayn Rand is considered to be on the political right. I really haven't studied Rand or her works to a great extent. Although Rand expressed some doubt about Darwinism, I am guessing that some atheists on the political right are against big government because they hold to Social Darwinism.
Lastly, I have some people depending on me to accomplish some things in the next couple of months and I am afraid I don't have time for extensive discussion/wrangling on this subject. You largely saying you "feel" something is warranted leads me to believe that attempting to work with you to have a representative article could be difficult. Conservative 22:18, 9 July 2013 (EDT)
Okay, thanks to connection issues (mostly the IP address fiasco) I have only seen this now. Firstly, you haven't answered my question. you have also ignored the point that, as conservatives on a webite that is duly named "conservapedia", it is only logical to mention conservative Atheists first since we are ideological allies. Oh and yes Atheists on the right are against big government but not because of that. I am against big government simply because I see it as illogical and ineffective. Most Atheists on the secular right or just the right (there are moralist Atheists ((the Pan-slavic party in Russia from 1800s-1920s was a moralistic party founded and effectively run by Atheists)) ). Lastly, don't nit-pick words. I used the term "feel" to sound less hostile against the idea that Communists should come before Conservatives as to try to keep this conversation civil. So, could we try to keep this conversation civil for a bit longer? After all, we are ideological allies, especially on the economical front. Ryancsh 15:51, 10 August 2013 (GMT)