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The San Antonio Spurs is an NBA team located in San Antonio, Texas.

Originally founded in the American Basketball Association as the Dallas Chaparrals (and, for one disastrous season in 1970-71, as the Texas Chaparrals while playing in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Lubbock), the team's on-court success didn't translate to attendance success. The team relocated to San Antonio in 1973 under an unusual arrangement: the team would be "borrowed" by new ownership for three years, and would return to Dallas if the arrangement didn't work. Originally named the Gunslingers, before a single game was played the team name was changed to Spurs and adopted the familiar silver and black color scheme it uses today.

Though the team struggled on the court in San Antonio, attendance was among the best in the ABA, so when the NBA agreed to absorb four successful ABA teams, the Spurs were one of the four.

Although the team plays in one of the ten largest cities in the US, its media market is barely top 50 due to the lack of large suburbs. The team plays in the AT&T Center, which (as the venue also hosts the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo each February) requires the team to play an extended road trip during that month (affectionately known by fans as the "Rodeo Road Trip").

Championships: 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014 (to date the Spurs are the only one of the four former ABA teams to win the NBA title)

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