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This page contains the items that were once on the "Breaking News" section of the Main Page. The articles are mainly about the Rush Limbaugh.
last date of Archived news is Nov. 30, 2007. Contains archives from Jan. to Nov. 2007.

  1. Conservapedia traffic surpasses Rush Limbaugh's site! (March 14, 2007) See Alexa Traffic Rankings.
  2. More evidence that Wikipedia® allows (if not encourages) smears, libel, and general misinformation and bias in its articles:
    ...somebody from a computer traced to Democrat HQ edited a page on conservative American radio host Rush Limbaugh, calling him "idiotic", "ridiculous" and labeling his 20 million listeners as "legally retarded." [1]
  3. Rush-Dumping Proves Disastrous For Baltimore Talker. Baltimore's radio station, WBAL- AM foolishly purged Rush Limbaugh from its schedule just over a year ago. WBAL basically handed the talk titan to their competitor. The longtime market leader immediately began a ratings slide that shows no signs of easing up. The Radio Equalizer [2]
  4. Where's the Freedom of Speech? The Conservative Voice
    Conservative speakers on American universities need security and often come under physical attack from the mentally unhinged mobs of the left." "Then there's talk radio, and more specifically Rush Limbaugh." "So if they can't get rid of one man why not get rid of all talk radio. Not only will they finally get rid of Rush Limbaugh, they will get Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and all the others by bringing back the 'Fairness Doctrine' which is fair only to the left.
  5. Senator Harry Reid's intimidating letter to Rush Limbaugh's patrons at Clear Channel Communications fetches more than $2 million at public auction. Official auction listing at eBay. Update: Senator Reid is now trying to claim credit for the phenomenal success of the auction. Rush Limbaugh reminds everyone of Reid's vitriolic and un-Senatorial language on the Senate floor prior to his sending of his letter to Mr. Mays. Watch the video of Reid's remarks to the Senate today (October 19, 2007).
  6. Congressman Henry Waxman now publicly denies the report in The American Spectator saying that he has opened an investigation of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. The Spectator stands by its story. WorldNetDaily. [3] :Update: Heard on Rush Limbaugh's radio program: R. Emmett Tyrell, editor and publisher of The American Spectator, tells Rush's guest host that Henry Waxman's staff have been urging his constituents to place crank calls to the offices of the Spectator. In the face of this "harassment," Tyrell refuses to retract his story. He also asserts that Waxman has in fact changed his story in that he first complained of "misrepresentation" before denying the report completely.
  7. Rush Limbaugh loses a radio station--and then gets it back the next day. WorldNetDaily. [4]
  8. Congressman Henry Waxman launches an "investigation" of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. The American Spectator. Update: Heard on the radio from Mark Levin himself: he threatens to sue Waxman and every member of his staff for tortious interference with contractual and/or business relationships. Conservapedia v Rush on Alexa.png
  9. Conservapedia surpasses Rush Limbaugh in traffic. (November 28, 2007) [5]