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This page contains the items that were once on the "Breaking News" section of the Main Page. The articles are mainly about New York Times.

  1. Here's a twist - CNN Covers NYT's ‘Jerk’ Jab at Bush, Fox Ignores It. An employee at the New York Times defaces a Wikipedia® entry on President George W. Bush. NewsBusters story [1]
  2. New York Times Deceives on Democratic Vote Dodge [2]
  3. New York Times reports fear of A War We Just Might Win
  4. New York Times inadvertently condemns Democrats. [3]
  5. Data Mining: Bad When It Fights Terror, Good When It Boosts New York Times Bottom Line. NewsBusters [4]
  6. New York Times Offers Two Glowing Reviews of Kristin Gore’s Global Warming Film.NewsBusters
  7. Conservative Ann Coulter responds to attacks from John Edwards U.S. election campaign; Edwards still trying to detract from negative New York Times publicity. [5][6]
  8. New York Times says John Edwards created non-profit to fight poverty when the main beneficiary was really himself. [7]
  9. The New York Times declines further in its latest report: Total revenues decreased 3.7 percent to $788.9 million from $819.6 million. Advertising revenues decreased 5.7 percent; circulation revenues decreased 0.5 percent ...."[8]
    Advice: trying saying something conservative for once.
  10. New Study says Gitmo detainees really are a threat to America. New York Times
    Wannabe like Las Vegas?
  11. American tax dollars at work: post-Hurricane Katrina "disaster relief" is flowing into the pockets of casino owners. "Casinos Boom in Katrina’s Wake as Cash Pours In," the New York Times reports.