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This page contains the items that were once on the "Breaking News" section of the Main Page. The articles are mainly about Conservatives.

  1. Young Conservatives Dump Republican Politicians For Columnists, Talk Show Stars [1]
  2. Losing Conservatism Will Lose America [2]
  3. Conservative Radio Hosts Check Out Bush [3]
  4. Conservative Students Encouraged to 'Clean Out Washington' [4]
  5. Did Rupert Murdoch take conservatives for ride??? Fox News seems less conservative now, and its ratings have been dropping.[5] Neoconservatives rather than conservatives seem to be running it.[6] Murdoch's New York Post endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2006. Will he do so again in 2008?
  6. Add to our listings of the greatest conservative songs and movies. Debate them on our talk pages.
    US Supreme Court
  7. The U.S. Supreme Court just issued two conservative rulings:
    1. faith-based government programs are upheld and the Court limits future challenges based on the Establishment Clause, [7] and
    2. John McCain's ban on ads before elections is unconstitutional.
  8. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani picks libertarians (Ted Olson and Miguel Estrada) and an executive (Larry Thompson), all likely to be pro-choice, to head his panel for nominating judges.[8] Olson opposed conservative John Roberts in 1982 on limiting jurisdiction,[9] and Estrada applied RICO against abortion protesters and forced open the airwaves to profanity. The neoconservative (socially liberal) Power Line blog deadpans, "It would be hard to come up with a group of lawyers and judges that would be more reassuring to conservatives in this regard." It isn't that "hard" to find real pro-lifers.
  9. Internal rivalries sink John McCain's lost campaign for the job of President of the United States of America.[10] Advice to McCain: stop acting like a liberal and start being a conservative. But is it too late for him?
  10. U.S. Senator Jim DeMint: A conservative’s conservative. Michelle Malkin article: [11]
  11. Another smear by Wikipedia®: its last sentence on Human Life International claimed that a killer "confessed that pamphets (sic) from the group led" him to kill. This is a complete lie designed to smear a conservative group. But this was approved by Wikipedia and remained for over a month.[12]
  12. Use Conservapedia - "A conservative encyclopedia you can trust".
  13. More evidence that Wikipedia is just a liberal smear factory:
    1. its entry on liberal former Vice President Al Gore contains no mention of drug charges against his son, but its entry on conservative Vice President Dick Cheney prominently mentions his adult daughter's sexuality.Bias in Wikipedia]
    2. Wikipedia smears prominent Christian conservatives, including James Dobson and D. James Kennedy, with an allegation that they are part of a grand scheme Wikipedia calls "Dominionism"Bias in Wikipedia]
      Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.: "I Have a Dream" (1963)
  14. D.R. Tucker of the conservative American newspaper Human Events says "... it is the Republican Party, not the Democrat Party, that actually embraces Dr. Martin Luther King's vision."
    1. Mr Tucker also states "... Conservatives believe that the GOP's Republican Party's commitment to racial equality is a self-evident truth..." and that "... the Democrat Party is seen as pro-racial equality despite its support for politically expedient forms of discrimination.[13]