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Make-up is a cosmetic substance applied to the face in order to improve the appearance of one's features. In western culture, it is most commonly used by women and girls, and in the worlds of television and the theater to improve men's and women's appearance on camera or under the stage lights. Some men also choose to wear make-up day to day or on special occasions, usually in an effort to look strikingly different and surprise others with their appearance; this was popularised by musicians such as David Bowie and Robert Smith.

Just about every facial feature has one or more make-up products intended for it:

In ancient tribal cultures, make-up had other purposes. For example, the Picts of old Scotland used to coat their entire bodies in blue woad in order to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies. The Roman army was never able to conquer Scotland, instead building a wall that stands to this day to keep the Picts at bay.

Some people consider the wearing of make-up to be an insult to God, citing, for example, William Shakespeare in his play Hamlet: "Ophelia, God has given you one face, you make yourself another".