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On equality
“If we are equal, you get to say your part, I get to say my part; so to tell me that someone's else experience and story is more important than mine — that's not equality. [LGBT+ pressure group] is using these terms to deceive people; because, why shouldn't I be able to express myself and be honest on who I am, and about relationship that I've found with Jesus Christ, and how I am changed.”
— Kylie Delia[1]

Kylie Delia is Maltese Ex-Lesbian who, after leaving homosexual lifestyle, criticises the proponents of LGBT+ ideology for being hypocritical and not standing up for what they say about equality. When she did public coming out (i.e. testimony) as ex-LGBT individual, she received a lots of backlash and hatred, and was bullied by pro-LGBT+ pressure groups and their social media who want to silence people like her and threaten organizations which help them with fines and jail time.

An appeal to fight for freedom in US

Delia received a lot of feedback from people who see the injustice that is going on with her. That's also why she decided to give an interview in front of US Embassy in London, because there is a lot of people coming out of homosexual lifestyle in the US and she wants to fight for their freedom. She wants to say to American people today that she and her supporters do not want the same situation that happened with her in Malta, where government tries to silence ex-LGBT individuals via ill-made Laws, to happen in US.[1]

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