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James Bishop, 25 (b. 1992), is a theist, Christian apologist, and Religious Studies student.

Student Background

James holds several degrees and certificates including a Bachelor in Communications Management, a Bachelor of Theology with majors in Psychology (BTh.), and TESOL. He graduated in his Bachelor of Theology with 22 distinctions (his highest marks being in Biblical Studies (New Testament and Old Testament), Worldviews, and Abnormal Psychology) and was accepted into honors in both Academic Psychology and Religious Studies. In 2019 he will be enrolled in honors in Religious Studies at the University of Cape Town.

Apologetics, Biblical, and Philosophical Views

James has been active at his website James Bishop’s Theological Rationalism.[1] James was part of the Ratio Christi chapter at Stellenbosch University in 2018 where he attended meetings and delivered a presentation to the class on his argument for the supernatural. James’ epistemology is rationalistic, and his apologetics methodology is evidentialist. Evidence and rational arguments are the leading drive in the formation of his beliefs. Some of his work has been included on the apologetic ministry website of the former New Age spiritualist Steven Bancarz, Reasons For Jesus[2].

James is a critic of biblical inerrancy, and a critic of apologists who defend divine violence in scripture as compatible with God's moral perfection. He is inspired by leading academic Christian scholars such as Randal Rauser, Peter Enns, and William Lane Craig.

James is a critic of atheism[3] and possesses a keen interest in philosophy and comparative religion. His favourite arguments are the minimal facts argument for the resurrection of the historical Jesus, the argument from miracles, and the Kalam cosmological argument argument. He has an interest in evidence based miracle testimonies, and has dialogued with miracle film maker Elijah Stephen[4].

Interests and Hobbies

Beyond studying religion and apologetics, he is an avid reader on science and philosophy.

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