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Gustav I Vasa (1496–1560 AD), born Gustav Eriksson, was a king of Sweden during the 16th century. He led a successful rebellion against Christian the Tyrant, king of Denmark, who through deceit had invaded the country. He became the first truly autocratic native sovereign of Sweden, and was a skilled leader who laid the foundations for a united and centralized government.

He was married a total of three times and fathered eleven children. Three of his sons would in time become kings of Sweden, and his daughter Katarina is an ancestor of among others Elizabeth II and Carl XVI Gustaf

He is known as a national hero and father of the nation, something was promoted during the 19th and 20th century, giving rise to many tales and legends of his exploits. He brought the Reformation to Sweden, in which Lutheranism since then has been dominant. His dynasty, the House of Vasa, would come to rule Sweden until the middle of the 17th century.