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Generation Joshua is a Christian organization for students. Its mission is to "assist parents raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow."[1] One of its major goals is helping students participate in political campaigning, including such activities as passing out literature.[2] For example, they helped organize support for the pro-life candidate in a New York special congressional election.[3]

While not restricted to homeschoolers, Generation Joshua is largely made up of homeschoolers. It is a division of the HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association).

Student Action Teams

With respect to supporting political campaigns (for pro-life and pro-family candidates), students are organized into "Student Action Teams".[4] These consist of groups of students from 25-200, with chaperones. For overnight trips, food and lodging are provided free of cost, and Church services or devotions are provided on Sundays.

To participate in one of these teams, students must be members of Generation Joshua. Ages as young as 11 are permitted, though students this young (and up to 13) must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Specific activities include "door-to-door literature drops, sign making, mailings, phone bank calling, sign waving and more."

Statement of faith and religious leaning

The statement of faith for Generation Joshua is non-denominational and broadly applies to most Protestants and Evangelicals, containing the Trinity, divinity of Christ, sole authority of Scripture, and salvation by faith alone.[5] While staff members fully accept the statement of faith, students participating in various projects do not need to accept it in entirety.

Generally, Generation Joshua is a biblical Christian organization.

Other activities

Generation Joshua offers clubs,[6] contests,[7] internships,[8] a book club,[9] and various other education and political activities and resources.

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