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Gary Condit was Blue dog Democrat from California's 18th district (Modesto).

In 1993, Condit angered the Democratic Party when he opposed seven of President Bill Clinton's budget initiatives. A strong advocate for the elimination of unfunded federal mandates, one of his major accomplishments was the enactment of the 1994 Unfunded Mandates Reform Act. He also staunchly supported a consumer advocacy bill designed to protect consumers from deceptive mailings and sweepstakes. In 1995, Condit became a founding member of the Blue Dogs Coalition'a group of moderate-to-conservative Democrats whose agenda includes protection of the Social Security Trust Fund, a balanced budget, as well as campaign finance and welfare reform

Condit gained notoriety when he attempted to stonewall a police investigation into the 2001 disappearance and murder of political intern Chandra Levy; it was revealed during the investigation that Condit had an affair with her.[2][3] Although cleared as a prime suspect in the case, his political career was finished as a result of the scandal; he lost in the election of 2002.[4]


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