Donald Trump and American Catholics

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Official presidential photo of President Donald Trump

While President Trump himself is a Presbyterian,[1] he and his administration have enacted many pro-religious liberty and pro-life policies that is supported by most devout Catholics throughout America.

Pro-Catholic efforts/policies

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In March 2020, after a teacher sued a Catholic school that fired him for violating Church teachings, the Department of Justice led by President Trump defended the school's decision in a state court.[2]

Opinion among American Catholics

President of Brian Burch has commented on President Trump's administration as the "most Catholic administration we've had",[3] largely referring to the president's strongly conservative record on social issues.

Differentiation between devout Catholics and Cafeteria Catholics

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A poll conducted in December 2019 found that a majority of active Catholics support Donald Trump, giving overall an approval rating of 52%.[4] This is compared to only 32% of less active Catholics who support Trump.

While a poll in February 2020 has concluded that a majority of Catholics prefer a Democrat candidate over Trump in the 2020 presidential election, it is important to note that the same polling organization found that 53% of Catholics don't believe that abortion is intrinsically evil.[5] This is compared to a subset of only active Catholics, 56% of whom believe that abortion is intrinsically evil.

An EWTN/RCP poll conducted in September 2020 reported that Biden was leading Trump among likely Catholic voters; according to the further statistics, those who frequently attend Mass strongly favor Trump, while those who rarely attend services heavily back Biden.[6]

Catholics for Trump

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It was announced in early March 2020 that Donald Trump's 2020 presidential campaign will launch a "Catholics for Trump" coalition.[7]

Comparison with Joe Biden's "Catholicism"

According to Rachel Campos-Duffy, many Catholics at the 2020 March for Life asserted Donald Trump to be a better Catholic than Joe Biden.[8]

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