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Donald M. Kendall was the co-founder and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc.

Before that he was a high-ranking official in the Pepsi-Cola Company. He helped to expand the Pepsi company's economic empire.

He was a strong supporter of Richard Nixon and when the latter was Eisenhower's vice president and debated Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev in the 1950s Kendall accompanied him, Kendall asked Khruschev to drink Pepsi and Kendall managed to get a photograph of Khruschev drinking it. This was a huge success for the Pepsi-Cola Company. Eventually the Soviets chose Pepsi as their national soda franchise and PepsiCo, Inc.

In the 1970s became the first American company to set up operations in the USSR. When Nixon was president Pepsi was always a prominent drink at White House functions. Nixon, interestingly, used to be a lawyer for a law firm[1] that provided legal services to PepsiCo, Inc. in the 1960s in between the time he ran against John F. Kennedy and the time he ran against Hubert Humphrey.