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The resolution of gender identity confusion
“I was the quintessential kid who was set up for homosexuality on several levels. I didn’t identify well with my gender in growing up for various reasons. I wasn’t close to my father at all; I was defensively detached from him. I was also bullied by my peers because I think I was a very sensitive boy, and so I always felt odd, not ‘boy’ enough, and then later on through puberty and above that even, not man enough. ...

My journey, that took quite a few years actually, resulted in the resolution of my gender identity inferiority, and raised my level of self-esteem, particularly as a man in my own body. My depression and anxiety, which I had experienced a lot of during those adult years, began to lessen and dissipate, and I began to get my male emotional needs met, which I never had growing up. And as a result of that, my same-sex attractions automatically and spontaneously began to, through this therapy, lessen and dissipate. And so reparative therapy really worked for me, it helped save my life.”

— David Pickup[1]

David H. Pickup is a licensed marriage and family therapist[2] in California who says he was once gay and became heterosexual after undergoing reparative therapy starting at his 30s.[3]

Pickup has called himself a poster child for the emotional and sexual abuse that leads to homosexuality and works closely with PFOX and other groups to protect therapy choices. He has been instrumental for many years in the effort to keep therapy options open for those struggling with same-sex attraction and gender identity confusion. Pickup also serves on the board of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). He also testified that children who do not identify with gay ideology and believe they were born as heterosexuals will have their rights for sound therapy taken away from them, as will their parents, when the government controls their therapy.

Sexual abuse

After being sexually abused at a young age by a pedophile, Pickup began experiencing same-sex attractions that lasted throughout much of his life. He said by puberty, he began to look at men and those with masculine identity as objects, and once his sexual hormones kicked in, he began to feel sexual attraction toward men. Later, he learned there was hope for real change hence participated in authentic reparative therapy that he says helped saved his life.[1]


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