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Clifton Dale Sittig​

Louisiana State Representative for District 41 (Acadia, Evangeline,
and St. Landry parishes)​
In office
Preceded by Louis Dischler, Jr.​
Succeeded by Gregory L. Fruge​

Louisiana Public Service Commissioner​
In office
1995​ – September 15, 2008​
Preceded by Thomas Elmer "Tommy" Powell, Sr.​
Succeeded by Pat Manuel (interim) for Clyde Cecil Holloway

Executive Director of Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority
Preceded by Rochelle Michaud Dugas
Succeeded by Robert Roy Adley

Born July 26, 1940​
Political party Democrat
Spouse(s) Celine Evelyn Broussard Sittig​
Children Mitchell D. Sittig

Kurt K. Sittig​

Residence Eunice
St. Landry Parish, Louisiana​
Alma mater Eunice (Louisiana)
High School​
Occupation Businessman

Clifton Dale Sittig, known as Dale Sittig (born July 26, 1940), is the former director of the Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority, who previously served from 1995 to 2008 as a Democratic member of his state’s Public Service Commission and from 1983 to 1995 as a state representative for Acadia, Evangeline, and St. Landry parishes in south Louisiana.​ ​


Sittig graduated in 1959 from Eunice High School.[1]

Sittig was formerly associated with Soileau Industries of Ville Platte in Evangeline Parish.[2]​ In the offshore authority position, He maintained his office in Lafayette and commuted from Eunice. His pay increased from $45,000 as a PSC member to $101,000 as offshore authority director.[3]​ ​ Sittig is married to the former Celine Evelyn Broussard (born October 31, 1943). The couple has three sons, Mitchell D. Sittig (born 1964) and Kurt K. Sittig (born 1965), Neil Sittig, and one daughter, Celeste Sittig Broussard.​

Campaign history

Sittig was elected to the state House in a special election in 1983 created by the death of incumbent Democratic Representative Louis Dischler, Jr. Sittig was elected to full terms thereafter in 1983, 1987, and 1991, having hence served from 1983-1995. In the fall of 1992, Sittig challenged fellow Democratic Public Safety Commissioner Thomas Elmer "Tommy" Powell, Sr. (1924-2005), of Eunice in the District IV race, but he but lost by 354 votes out of some 283,000 cast. Powell received 141,894 (50.06 percent) to Sittig’s 141,540 (49.94 percent).[4] Powell, a Eunice petroleum dealer allied with U.S. Senator Russell Long,[5] was one of the original PSC members elected when the membership was enlarged in 1975 from three to five members.

Powell resigned from the commission midway in his last term, and Sittig won the 1995 special election to succeed him. In that contest, Sittig defeated state Senator Joe McPherson of Rapides Parish in central Louisiana. Sittig led with 141,473 votes (52.8 percent) to McPherson’s 126,452 (47.2 percent).[6] In making the PSC race, McPherson forfeited his Senate seat, but he reclaimed it in the 1999 election by defeating Republican state Representative Randy Wiggins of Rapides Parish. When Sittig joined the PSC, his House seat went Republican, with the election of Gregory L. Fruge, also of Eunice.

In his 1998 race for a full six-year term, Sittig easily defeated the Republican candidate, Michael J. Muller, 92, 344 (77 percent) to 27,638 (23 percent).[7] In 2004, Sittig was unopposed for the second term on the PSC which he did not complete. ​During his PSC tenure, Sittig used his influence to obtain lighting for the Bengal Stadium baseball field at Louisiana State University at Eunice. Beginning in 2007, LSUE teams could play at night for the first time since the establishment of the stadium.[8] He quarreled openly with a colleague, his fellow Democrat Foster Lonnie Campbell, Jr., of Bossier Parish over certain commission policies and procedures, particularly in reference to the Entergy Company. Campbell claimed that Sittig was more supportive of "special interests," than the "people's interest".[9]

Sittig was appointed to the offshore authority position by Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, who had defeated Foster Campbell in the 2007 nonpartisan blanket primary. On September 15, 2008, Sittig formally left the PSC and was replaced for several months by Republican consultant Pat Manuel of Eunice, the interim Jindal appointee.who was recommended by Sittig. Manuel was not a candidate for the seat in the 2009 special election.[10] Then in April 2009, Republican Clyde Cecil Holloway (1943-2016) of Forest Hill in south Rapides Parish assumed the PSC seat for the term expiring on December 31, 2010. Holloway had been scheduled to meet Joe McPherson in a special runoff election McPherson withdrew from the contest even though he trailed Holloway by less than 1 percent of the vote in the initial tally. A third candidate, Gil Pinac of Crowley in Acadia Parish, held the remaining critical ballots, and Pinac, after his elimination, threw his support to fellow Republican Holloway.[11]

During the administration of Republican Governor Murphy J. "Mike" Foster, Jr., the LOOP position had been held for the full eight years by a former Republican state representative, Terry Wayne Gee (1940-2013) of Jefferson Parish.


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