Crown Heights riots

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The Crown Heights riots were anti-Semitic protests in the 1990s which inflamed tensions and incited racial violence among blacks against Hasidic Jews. The protests were led by Al Sharpton.[1]

The protests were prompted by the injuries of two black children in a car accident. One child tragically died, and the other was hospitalized in critical condition. The two were cousins. The ambulance, which belonged to a Jewish medical company, was advised to rush the driver of the vehicle to the hospital after he was beaten by an angry crowd while attempting to assist the children.[2]

Leftists argued that the driver, who happened to be Jewish, was given special treatment because of his religion and ethnicity. The Mayor of Crown Heights failed to significantly condemn the leftist mob or their virulent anti-Semitism, and did not prevent any violence.[3][4]

Sharpton and others chanted, "Death to the Jews," and, "Heil Hitler!" The leftist New York Times, according to the leftist Atlantic, claimed that the protests were not anti-Semitic at all.[5]

Hundreds of people were injured at the riots, which lasted three days, including 152 police officers and 38 civilians,[6] and a young Jewish man was murdered by a leftist mob.[7] Subsequently, an Italian man was stabbed to death due to his resemblance to a Hasidic Jew.[8]

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