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Colorado Springs is a beautiful city in central Colorado, at an elevation of 6,035 feet, with a population of approximately 320,000. In the winter visitors can see the snow-covered mountains and the most prominent is Pikes Peak. The sun shines frequently in the winter so the snow melts quickly off the roads, however it can be seen in the hills and wooded areas.

Colorado Springs is a major tourist attraction, as well as a host to several military bases as well as the United States Air Force Academy.

It is the home of the United States Olympic Committee and the Olympic Training Center as well as over 50 affiliated groups representing individual Olympic sports.

At one time over 80 Evangelical organizations were headquartered in Colorado Springs, earning it the nicknames "The Evangelical Vatican" and "The Christian Mecca".

Tourist attractions

Military Bases

Major Military Base: A Likely Nuclear Target Structure

Colorado Springs has numerous major United States Armed Forces military bases with likely nuclear weapon capabilities making it, along with nearby Pueblo, one of the primary targets among the world's major nuclear target structures in a possible nuclear war.[1] Colorado Springs being a "first strike" nuclear war target is mostly due to missile silos, bomber bases and command and control (C2) centers. The enemy must neutralize these assets immediately to prevent or minimize American nuclear or other military retaliation.

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