Bre Payton

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Bre Payton
Breanna Claire Payton
Bre Payton.jpg

Born June 8, 1992
Died December 28, 2018
San Diego, California
Religion Christian[1]

Breanna Claire "Bre" Payton (June 8, 1992 - December 28, 2018) was a conservative political commentator for The Federalist.

Early life and education

Breanna Claire Payton on June 8, 1992 to Cindy and George Payton. She graduated from the Western Christian High School Private Satellite Program with a high school diploma, and then attended Patrick Henry College, graduating in 2015 with a degree in journalism.[1]

Suspicious death

After writing an article for The Federalist on December 13, 2018 covering the Strzok/Page text messages,[2] Payton was found unconscious two weeks later by her friend, taken to the hospital, and soon died, apparently having contracted H1N1 flu and meningitis.[3]


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Some conservatives have found Payton's death to be very suspicious,[4][5] noting certain abnormalities in the circumstances of her death. For instance, many considered it strange that an energetic, vibrant 26 year-old would suddenly die of the flu without previous symptoms and under sudden circumstances.[6]

Some have noticed inconsistencies in the news reporting of Payton's death, such as whether the cause was attributed to encephalitis or meningitis.[7]

Among those who speculate that Payton has been potentially murdered, some, especially those who affiliate with QAnon, have theorized that swine flu is man-made and thus was intentionally deployed in this circumstance to kill her.[8]

While some have hypothesized that Payton's death may be attributed to a flu shot, this is extremely unlikely, as Payton had previously spoke in strong opposition to vaccines.[9]


An obituary by staff members from The Federalist was written on December 28, 2018 to commemorate Payton for her positivity, compassion, and deep Christian faith.[1]