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Brazil is a multiparty republic that currently has 35 political parties in activity, with 21 advocates left-wing, center-left or far-left positions, 8 advocates centrist or moderate positions and 6 advocates center-right or right-wing positions. Brazil already possessed two far-right parties, both with neo-conservative positions, they being the National Renewal Alliance (now Progressive Party) and the Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order (now the Republic Party).

The major political parties in Brazil are the centrist Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, the far-left Worker's Party, the center-left Brazilian Social Democratic Party and the right-wing Progressive Party.

List of currently brazilian political parties

Name Initials Number[1] Earlier names Political spectrum Ideology
Democrats DEM 25 Liberal Front Party Centre-right to Right-wing Liberal conservatism, liberal democracy
Brazilian Communist Party PCB 21 Far-left Communism
Communist Party of Brazil PCdoB 65 Brazilian Communist Party Far-left Communism
Worker's Cause Party PCO 29 Left-wing to far-left Socialism and Communism
Democratic Labor Party PDT 12 Centre-left Social democracy, liberalism and labour
National Ecologic Party PEN 51 Centre to centre-right Environmentalism and green conservatism
Humanist Party of Solidarity PHS 31 Party of National Solidarity Centre to centre-left Christian democracy, liberalism
Brazilian Democratic Movement Party PMDB 15 Brazilian Democratic Movement Center Moderate
Party of Brazilian Women PMB 35 Centre-left Feminism
Party of National Mobilization PMN 33 Democratic Mobilization Centre-left Social democracy
New Party NOVO 30 Centre-right Libertarianism and classical liberalism
Progressive Party PP 11 National Renewal Alliance, Social Democratic Party, Reformer Progressive Party, Brazilian Progressive Party Right-wing Conservatism
Free Homeland Party PPL 54 Left-wing Socialism
Popular Socialist Party PPS 23 Brazilian Communist Party Centre-left to left-wing Social democracy and socialism
Party of the Republic PR 22 Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order, Liberal Party Centre Moderate, republicanism, protectionism
Brazilian Republican Party PRB 10 Centre to centre-right Moderate, christian democracy and social conservatism
Republican Party of the Social Order PROS 90 Centre-left Social democracy and republicanism
Progressive Republican Party PRP 44 Centre (with centre-left and centre-right factions) Republicanism, progressivism
Brazilian Labour Renewal Party PRTB 28 Brazilian Renewal Labour Party Centre to centre-right Conservatism, Labour
Brazilian Socialist Party PSB 40 Left-wing Socialism
Social Christian Party PSC 20 Right-wing (former moderate) Conservatism and liberal conservatism (former social conservatism and protectionism)
Social Democratic Party PSD 55 Democrats Centre to centre-right Fiscal conservatism and welfare
Brazilian Social Democracy Party PSDB 45 Centre-left Social democracy and liberalism
Christian Social Democratic Party PSDC 27 Christian Democratic Party Centre to centre-right Christian democracy and social conservatism
Social Liberal Party PSL 17 Centre-right (former centre-left) Libertarianism and classical liberalism (former liberalism)
Socialism and Freedom Party PSOL 50 Far-left Communism and liberalism
United Socialist Worker's Party PSTU 16 Revolutionary Worker's Party Far-left Communism, socialism and trotskyism
Worker's Party (Brazil) PT 13 United Steelworkers Left-wing to far-left Communism, socialism and lulism
Brazilian Labor Party PTB 14 Centre-left Labour
Christian Labour Party PTC 36 Youth Party and Party of National Reconstruction Centre (with centre-left and centre-right factions) Christian democracy, labour and fiscal conservatism
Labour Party of Brazil PTdoB 70 Brazilian Labour Party Centre-left Labour
National Labor Party PTN 19 Centre Moderate, liberalism and labour
Green Party PV 43 Centre-left Environmentalism and liberalism
Sustainability network REDE 18 Centre-left Social democracy, environmentalism and liberalism
Solidarity SD 77 Centre-left Labour


  1. In Brazil, it uses the electronic voting system, rather than the American printed vote. The voting is done through a voting machine, where it's entered and confirmed the candidate's number, 2 digits for mayor, governor and president, three for senator, four for federal deputy and five for alderman and state representative. The party officially has a two-digit number, which will 10-99.

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