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Adam Sandler is a Jewish actor and singer-songwriter famous for his comic movie roles and songs. Prior to his rise to stardom, he was a regular on Saturday Night Live. One of his most famous songs is the Chanukah Song.


Adam Sandler is a registered Republican. In 2007 he donated $2100 to Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.[1]

However, Sandler has championed liberal causes such as homosexual "marriage"[2] and has publicly stated that he did not dislike kissing Kevin James in the film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.[3]

Film themes

Further, the majority of films that Sandler has co-written celebrate liberal themes such as alcoholism and premarital sex, and are targeted at liberal college students. Popular bookseller at one point described his films Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore as ranking among the "Best Movies for Lazy, Beer Drinking College Students."[4]

Roger Ebert wrote:

The Sandler characters are almost oppressively nice, like needy puppies, and yet they conceal a masked hostility to society, a passive-aggressive need to go against the flow, a gift for offending others while in the very process of being ingratiating. [1]

Christian press critics have described Sandler film The Longest Yard as containing "some 150 obscenities, countless sexual references (mostly homosexual) and two pornographic videos (one heterosexual, one homosexual)... it's obviously a sex comedy—and mostly a gay sex comedy" and as "the most foul, violent and perverted PG-13 film... ever."[5] Further, in his recent film You Don't Mess With the Zohan, Sandler depicts Israelis and Palestinians as "the same."[6]

For these reasons, Sandler has been widely accused of being a RINO.


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