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The Winter Olympics are the winter games of the Olympics. The most recent games were held in February 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Participation (in terms of nations) is not as extensive as with the Summer Olympics (which are more popular) due to the lack of traditional winter in many countries, especially in the Southern Hemisphere (as such, no city in the Southern Hemisphere has hosted the Winter Olympics).

The first Winter Olympics was held in 1924. Previously they were held in the same year as the Summer Olympics, but after 1992 the International Olympic Committee decided to separate them, beginning with 1994 they are held every four years, in even-numbered years not divisible by four.

The 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia was a source of original embarrassment to liberals due to Russia's open anti-homosexual policies (notwithstanding that liberals love their dictatorial policies, making their investigation of potential Russian influence on the 2016 Presidential election even more puzzling); it became more embarrassing to them after Russia's extensive doping scandal was exposed (causing them to be banned from the subsequent 2018 Winter Olympics; their eligible athletes being required to participate under the banner "Olympic Athletes from Russia").

The 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing, China, will mark the first time a city has hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics (they hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics).

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