World History Homework Nine Answers - Student Eighteen

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Jonathan R.

1. Now that you've taken the midterm exam, how might you have prepared better? (5 words or less) Should have studied relative time-lines.

Good suggestion, may use as a model answer!

H1. Does art follow politics, or lead it? Comment in connection with "revolutionary art (including music)." Most of the time, politics control the pathway of art, but sometimes, there’s a new form of art, that takes over like a cult. In which case, art may have some control. Revolutionary Art and music is really a different way of expression during the Revolution, but it carried on in France far after it was over.


3. The French Revolution: all bad, or was there something good about it? I’m going to say it was all bad. I’m sure you could look around a bit and pick out some good points, but for the most part, it was bad. The National Assembly approved the “Declaration of the Rights of Man”, which was littered with ambiguity of speech, such as: “Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.” Upon reading this for the first time, it may seem fair, but in time you will see the phrase “abuses of this freedom”, and note that there is no abuse of freedom without changing the meaning of the word.

Excellent. The document is self-contradictory and meaningless, which results in mob rule or tyranny.

H2. Napoleon's Empire: write about any aspect of it that interests you. I found it interesting that Napoleon sold America the land of the Louisiana Purchase as a fundraiser. And also, I pointed out in my homework in American History HW Four, on the question of “If you were the president, would you have approved the Louisiana Purchase? Explain.”, that if France hadn’t sold that land, we wouldn’t have expanded, and I quote “would have made conflict (between the now neighboring France and America) inevitable.”

Excellent use of your prior work!

5. Why do you think it took the world so long before revolutions started occurring? In Roman times, the emperor would probably have pretty harsh taxes, and the people would be upset with it. But the tax collectors would take more than what the actual tax was. This made the people angrier at the collector than the emperor. There wouldn’t be much cause of an uproar for just one or two tax collectors, but when you have a Monarchy, there’s only one guy to go to.

Fascinating point! Will use as a model!
Terrific answers! 50/50. Well done!