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Welcome to Conservapedia! Many of our users (including me) are home schooled like you. Please feel free to create and edit pages about anything you are interested in. I like to create pages with the material I am learning in school, as a way to study, and you could do the same with your subjects. There are some useful pages on editing at Help:Contents. If you have any questions that aren't answered there, please post them on the Help talk:Contents page, and we will try to answer them ASAP. I hope you enjoy using and editing Conservapedia! --SharonS 12:35, 26 January 2007 (EST)

Topic for discussion: Were the Puritans right to banish (expel) people for religious reasons?

No, they did not have the right to banish people for religious reasons. They thought that the Church of England was too much like a Catholic Church. One group wanted to continue to purify the Church of England but another group wanted to be separated from the Church of England completely. Both groups landed within 100 miles of each other in Massachusetts. The puritans...

Hey that's a good topic. You should put it into the debate topics page...We have actually debated that in class; cannot believe we forgot to include it on Conservapedia. David R

That's a great topic! I have added it to the Debate topics page. Feel free to post your views on there. ~ SharonS 13:49, 24 January 2007 (EST)