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Check out my new essay at Essay:75,000 cases! To all the people that doubted me (mostly RW)

Hi. I am a 16 year old Conservative American that is very knowledgeable in the subjects of prion disease, and ionizing radiation. I was blocked from Wikipedia for no reason and called a “sockpuppet” by Wikipedia admins. Since then, I have noticed the liberal bias on Wikipedia, and found this wiki. While I do disagree with some of the content, CP is a lot better than Wikipedia. I had around 500 edits and 3 months on Wikipedia before being blocked.

I enjoy playing chess. I'm not very good, but if anyone wants to play me comment on my talk page, my username is the same as my CP username.

My life was ruined by video game addiction. I was addicted to Growtopia and EVE Online, both MMOs. Both of which caused significant and irreversible damage to my mental health. I quit my job, lost all my friends, destroyed my grades in school, and isolated myself from the world. I broke away Growtopia on Nov 2019, when I got hacked and lost all my items, but when the pandemic came I relapsed. I finally quit on Oct 2020, when a change was made to EVE online to where I couldn't play anymore. Video games and suicidal feelings over virtual losses even got me into a 14 day hold in a mental hospital. I spent $60 a month and $1,500 on in game purchases. It was only MMOs that addicted me. Other games, even violent video games, I can play healthily. Stay away from MMOs, but other games aren't that bad.

Main Disagreements between me and Conservapedia:

  1. All atheists are bad. All anti-theists are bad. I am an atheist that has no problem with any religion.
  1. Homosexuality is wrong. I believe the 'if a man lies with a man...' bible verse was prohibiting threesomes.
  1. Climate change is fake. I believe in climate change, but think that we need to stop China from polluting before us, unlike liberals.

Main Agreements between me and Conservapedia:

  1. Joe Biden is a moron and is trying, whether he knows it or not, to trash the economy and destroy America.
  1. China made COVID-19, and needs to be punished for it.
  1. Trump did nothing wrong.
  1. Liberals are idiots and just want free stuff.
  1. The 2020 Leftwing insurrection is domestic terrorism, and all the people participating are terrorists.
  1. Wikipedia has significant Leftwing bias, and censors all conservative and Republican opinions.

Joe Biden is trying to destroy America. He stole the election, and his plans will cause irreparable damage to the USA. He will drive out all the rich people with his tax plans, force us into the Green Leap Forward, and lock us down for a year. End result is a second Great Depression, our capitalist country being turned into a socialist sh*thole, a second Civil War, ending with a takeover by China. We need to protest his rule, and prepare for an apocalypse.

'There are 75,000 cases of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy per year and 750,000 cases of prion disease per year in the US alone. With incubation periods, in the world, 2.5 billion people are infected with prions. All will die. I could be one of them, you could be one of them. Nanoplastics, Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and prions in plants are the cause. No one else seems to care that 25% of all people are going to die of a horrible brain disease. People believe the CDC when they spew crap about “400 CaSeS” when studies have been done that prove 75k or more. This is something more people need to know. Stay away from beef until they start using PRNP-KO cows.

This is a really good documentary to watch. vCJD: Who killed my son? It shows how brutal prion diseases are. Now imagine 25% of the world suffering from this...

Sometimes I use a VPN to get around the infinite loading glitch.

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270 This user knows Biden stole the election, and Trump deserves his second term.
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