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Purpose Here

What is my purpose here at conservapedia? My purpose here is quite simple, it is too add information to this "encyclopedia". Knowledge is important, and I want to make it more avaliable to the public. Throughout out lives we all need knowledge, and an educated...period.

Wikipedia or Conservapedia?

What do I think is the better encyclopedia? Wikipedia of course! We (conservapedia) are not even an encyclopedia. We are a website full of conservative jargon. On the otherhand, wikipedia is an encyclopedia that contains information, and is less biased. I hate to break it too you, but conservapedia is far more biased than wikipedia.

As for wikipedia, it is biased, and not perfect. There is no sense of community there. I would much rather being here:) We are better than wikipedia when it comes to our community. The people I have had contact with here have been very friendly. I have not ran into a single unfriendly person here so far. Wikipedia has friendly people, but the percent of friendly users here is higher.

In conclusion, wikipedia and conservapedia are equal. This is a friendly place too work, but when it comes to doing research, I would go to wikipedia first.