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Hello, I'm PatrickB, but you can just refer to me as Patrick. I am a true conservative and a member of the Tea Party.

Political Positions

This user knows electing Obama was an Outrageously Big Awful Mistake, America!.
Liberal fascist.jpg
This user knows that modern liberalism has its roots in Fascism
GoreFireBreathing.jpg This user believes Global Warming is caused only by Al Gore
This user does not use illegal drugs, and believes that marijuana and other illegal drugs should not be legalized.
This user does not support Barack Obama.
This user knows that this goofy president needs to go back to Toontown.
Clinton head.jpg This user knows that this man is guilty of perjury
This user believes
Abraham Lincoln
was the greatest president ever.
This user missed the Great Donut War.
gk This user is a geek.
This user went to a public school, and was never homeschooled.
USflag.jpg This user likes tiny little flags. No kidding.
This user is proud to be an American citizen.
Warning This user does not care about your religious beliefs, so long as they aren't forced on them.
Universe expansion.png
This user believes that the Big Bang occurred, but that God caused it.

Abortion Abortion is murder. Period.

American Values Faith, strong family, and patriotism are the building blocks of this nation

Death Penalty Some crimes are so terrible, they warrant execution

Don't Ask, Don't Tell By repealing this, Obama has sabotaged our military

Economics The policies of the last five years have not been working. it's time to significantly cut taxes and spending

Education The Department of Education has been a miserable failure and an infringement of state's rights. It's time to kill it

Energy If we don't drill for oil, we're going to see higher gas prices. it's simple math

Environment Global Warming is a liberal hoax that has been thoroughly discredited

Gun Rights Any infringement on gun rights is a direct violation of the second amendment

Health Care Obamacare is the worst idea I've ever heard. The United States had the best health care system in the world, and the government shouldn't interfere

Immigration We need to secure our borders and send back all of the illegals. Amnesty is merely a reward for breaking the law.

National Security Obama clearly is not a fan of the Constitution. The NSA spying program is blatantly unconstitutional

Same-Sex marriage Homosexuals are nothing more than perverts that have no right to redefine marriage

Taxes Taxes should be flat and as low as possible