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I first learned classical Greek back in 1980 in college, where I took an intensive course in Attic Greek. Not too long after that, I expanded that to include Koine (the dialect of the NT) Greek, which is in the Attic family. I have taught introductory courses in Biblical Greek (one year and two year courses) on several occasions, and have continued to study the latest research and thought on Greek translation in the almost 30 years since I first learned the language. I have also had the opportunity to read portions of some of the oldest manuscripts of the NT in existence, including P66, P77, Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Alexandrinus, and several others (from high resolution photographs of the originals, not the originals themselves). I have kept very abreast of the latest in NT textual research, and I am very well versed in most of the arguments concerning disputed sections of scripture.

I worked with the senior pastor at my church to help him develop all of his sermons for the last three years of his time there (he recently took a new position in world missions at the denomination level).

I have also taught a full year Christian Apologetics course three times, including textual studies, philosophy, creation, evolution, Christian doctrine and general science.

I hold black belts in three arts (Tae Kwon Do, Karate-Do, Modern Arnis), have trained in several others (Aikido, Shin Kendo, Jiu Jitsu). My highest rank is fourth degree (master), and I currently teach martial arts classes in a system of my own design (Kalkinodo - "path/art of proper/beautiful movement") for home schoolers through the Delta College Home School Coop (as the Lion and Lamb Martial Arts Academy).

I write quite a bit, and have co-authored one book (with my father) so far ("What is the Antichrist-Islam Connection?" - Available through Amazon). I am in the middle of a Christian based science fiction novel series (not yet published). I have written two movie scripts ("Valor," and "All 4 One") with my eldest son, and we are currently working on a third (working title, "Paint Ball SEALs").

My areas of specialty are:

Biblical (Koine) Greek

New Testament Greek textual studies





Church History

Christian Philosophy

Martial Arts

Greetings, Grace and peace to all of you.

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