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My name is Businessprofessional! I am a writer, editor, and creator on Conservapedia. At the moment I am very new, beginning my career on November 20, 2020. My reason for joining Conservapedia is a result of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. After seeing the fraudulent results being place on major publications and big websites (inlcluding Wikipedia) claim that Joe Biden won; I knew that I had to stop relying on Wikipedia for certain forms of information. I joined in order to become a part of a community that has the same faith, beleifs, and that want a safe space for right-wing ideas. I also hope to expand my writing capabilities and expand my page making/editing/correcting skills.

My Goals

On this site I have many goals:

  • Monitor pages of interest
    • Typically Political & Ideological contemporary ideas and people
    • Update and check the accuracy of pages
  • Create new pages
    • I hope to add new pages on political ideas, peoples, and movements
    • I hope to also create pages on American political events
  • Edit and Correct Grammatical Errors

Pages That I Moniter Frequently

Pages That Need To Be Created

Pages I Hope To Expand On