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I am, as my username suggests, an Anglican. I sympathize heavily with the Anglican Church in North America, though I attend an Episcopal church because of geographical location. It is a shame what has happened to the Episcopal Church. It went from being the church of George Washington, to being a church that celebrates in homosexual "pride" parades.

I am a registered member of the Constitution Party. While he was not my preferred candidate, I pray daily for President Trump nonetheless.

User:Anglican/Sandbox- currently working on improving the Taylor Swift article due to it being locked because of vandalism

Articles I've created or worked on/working on

Articles I've made minor contributions to

  • Elvis Presley- primary authors are Users: JamesWilson, Usmale, SharonW (also consolidated Elvis articles)


This user has repented of his sin against God and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
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George Washington
was never a deist.
And it's documented!
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