The Columbian Orator

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The Columbian Orator
Columbian Orator.jpg
Author Caleb Bingham
Year Published 1797
Language English

The Columbian Orator: Containing A Variety Of Original And Selected Pieces, Together With Rules, Calculated To Improve Youth And Others In The Ornamental And Useful Art Of Eloquence is a compilation of speeches, essays, and other short works written by Caleb Bingham, designed to aid in the development of public speakers.

The Columbian Orator was very influential with Frederick Douglass.


The compilation includes speeches from speakers such as: Joseph Perkins,[1] George Washington, Paulus Emilius, Hugh Blair, Philo, Thomas Muir, James Hervey, Benjamin Franklin, Cato the Younger, and Richard Brinsley Sheridan.


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