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Night Sky
Observational Data

Template: Night Sky
Use on Article pages
Use for Astronomic Classification
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name of celestial object no defaults to page name
image Picture of celestial object no only the file name is required
designation name as given in various star catalouges no
rightascension angular distance along celestial equator no
declination one of two angles to locate a point in celestial sphere no
distance distance from earth no in light years
constellation location of object as part of a constellation no
type type of object, i.e. star, nebula, galaxy, etc. no
dimensions approximate size of celestial object no
magnitude approximate measure of brightness as seen by observer no
redshift red end of light spectrum no
radvelocity speed of object towards or away from earth observer no
propmotion proper motion of star against background no
parallax apparent position of object via two lines of sight no
skymapimg image location in the sky no

{{Night Sky
| image           =
| designation     =
| rightascension  = 
| declination     =
| distance        =
| constellation   = 
| type            = 
| dimensions      = 
| magnitude       = 
| redshift        =
| skymapimg       =
| radvelocity     =
| propmotion      =
| parallax        =

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