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Personal Life
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Dictatorial Career
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This template is for articles on persons who have taken a position of political power considered to be dictatorial; this includes those persons who - whether legally-elected or not - have either:

  • Caused a creation of, or accepted from their legislatures, Enabling acts granting them exclusive power;
  • Nationalized private industries and other services on a large scale;
  • Disrupted the freedoms of their peoples, including control of thought, speech, religion, and movement;
  • Caused large-scale imprisonment or death based on political or religious beliefs;

Copy and paste the code below in the image page. Please do not make major changes to the tag without proposing and discussing it on the talk page first.

{{Dictator bio
| image        =
| name         =
| birth        =
| parents      =
| religion     =
| education    =
| spouse       =
| children     =
| death        =
| deathmanner  =
| burial       =
| country      =
| military     =
| rank         =
| polbeliefs   =
| party        =
| dictatordate =
| war          =
| deathnumber  =