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Article Naming

As the article for Barack Hussein Obama includes his full name, John McCain should redirect to John Sidney McCain III, Joe Biden to Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr., etc. - LafinJack 19:42, 28 January 2009 (EST)

Maverick image

I have removed several comments that are not relevant to his Maverick image or to his Senatorial career under the time frame 1986-2000

( 1 ) rated McCain as the second most conservative Senator in the 109th Congress (Jan. 2005 - Jan. 2007).

This is a statement that is out of the time frame, and does not support the rest of the section. It would be better in another portion that represents his Senate career under those years.

( 2 ) John McCain and the Bush administration agree on most issues. He voted with the Bush administration 95% of the time in 2007, according to Congressional Quarterly's "Presidential Support Scores". Issues include making the Bush tax cuts permanent (even though he originally opposed and voted against them), energy independence, winning the war in Iraq, reforming Social Security, and continuing and expanding Bush's supply-side economic policies.

Again, the subject is McCain's conservative credentials, but they are written in a lazy style that neglects the years of mention, lacks specific details and reasons, and disregards the biographical focus of the article. It reads like a political brochure, and not a very convincing one at that.

( 3 ) In 2008, McCain asked for $0 in earmarks. The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste has given him a rating of 100% in 2007 (88% lifetime). A score of 100% represents voting against all pork, and 0% represents voting for all pork. Democrats averaged 5% in 2007, whereas Republicans averaged 60%.

This is his signature issue, earmarks. However, it puts emphasis on the campaign years, and takes away from his actual work in the Senate. It could be better said in a paragraph on earmarks.

The temptation for these political comments reduces the readability and factual content of the article. Keep in mind the fact that McCain has been viewed as a maverick and did consider switching sides. It is dishonest and inaccurate to up-play his conservative credentials simply because of an election.--CTrooper 22:55, 28 March 2009 (EDT)

Spelling error

Under the section on foreign policy, subsection Russia, there is a spelling error. During a primary debate he 'sad should be During a primary debate he 'said. I would have changed it myself, but the page is protected, so an admin needs to fix this. Godspeed. DMorris 20:13, 21 January 2010 (EST)