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Social stratification is one of the primary practical effects, and connotations, of the term income in the US. By removing that section of the entry, you're clearly demonstrating that this encyclopedia, like wikipedia, is only concerned with the aspects of things that you enjoy looking at. If this is truly going to be a trustworthy encyclopedia, you need to stop deleting things you're not necessarily happy about. -overturnroewade—The preceding unsigned comment was added by OverturnRoeWade (talk)

  • Income level also carries with it a social stratification effects: The more money you make, the more people making more money you get to socialize with.
duh huh? is this pro-lumpen masses or anti-lumpenproletariat? Rob Smith 14:37, 17 September 2007 (EDT)
Um, I'm not sure we have to bring Marx into this. I'm merely pointing out a practical truth that should be included in this encyclopedia. If you want to go further in depth and point out other scholars who have said things similarly or differently, that's all fine and good, but a response of 'duh huh' with cites to concepts obviously at the fringes of what I was referring to only serves to frustrate good contributors. overturnroewade
A phrase like this, "The more money you make" is absolutley meaningless; let's suppose "you", or "I" "make" my money off a Veterans disability benefit; let's further suppose that I "make" $3200 a month at off this benefit; or let's suppose I am an 85 year old retired woman who "makes" $850 per month on Social Security; or let's suppose I am an 85 year old woman who "makes" $8500 per month as a coupon clipper; or let's suppose I am a gangbanger and drug dealer who makes $10,000 per week, unreported in drug dealling and armed robbery. Just were do you suppose to go with this idea, "the more people making more money you get to socialize with," being that I'm 85 years old, have a comfortable income, and not looking for new friends outside my social circle at church? Rob Smith 16:47, 17 September 2007 (EDT)
Well, I'm happy that you've been able to isolate yourself from the socioeconomic pressures of our society, but I'm pretty confident anecdotal evidence does not have its place in an encyclopedia. I don't see how "the more money you make" is even ambiguous, much less "absolutley meaningless" as you claim: I'm defining a spectrum of incomes, say, from $0 to $100,000,000,000,000.00. The more money you make, the higher up on the spectrum you are, and the more opportunities, especially professionally, you will have to interact with other higher earning people. This concept obviously has you flummoxed; perhaps you should let someone else be the arbiter of whether or not it's appropriate for this encyclopedia (or, at least, won't dismiss its validity on the basis of the fact that the editor cannot see "were" this concept applies to him.) overturnroewade
Very simple: would you agree many, many people who have income, do not "make" thier income? And if this is so then, it begs the question, just who are you addressing here, and why? Rob Smith 20:35, 17 September 2007 (EDT)