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Where does this guy come from? I've not seen him in any newspapers or on TV coverage of "gay rights". Wooyi 00:07, 28 May 2007 (EDT)

The WP entry on him may be incorrect on his birth date; I have a source says he was born in England in 1912. RobS 00:18, 28 May 2007 (EDT)
The birth date isn't an issue. The thing I don't understand is that both this and WP article describe this person as important in the "gay rights" movement, while he isn't really well-known, if comparing to the Human Rights Campaign guys and Barney Frank, among others. Wooyi 00:47, 28 May 2007 (EDT)
As the article states, Harry Hay was active in the anti-War movement in 1950, soliciting gays to sign the Moscow directed Stockholm petition. And this after he left the CPUSA. So let's not limit his activism to gay rights. RobS 11:30, 29 May 2007 (EDT)
Hay was important in the gay rights movement in the sense that he was the first one to organize a gay rights organization back in the 50s, which was a major achievement and took a lot of courage at the time. He's important because of that, and because the Mattachine Society became a way for gays to speak up against prejudice and discrimination, more than because what Hay advocated or believed.--Steve 10:57, 19 July 2007 (EDT)
Pleae, we need all that in the article. Please add it. RobS 11:28, 19 July 2007 (EDT)
I don't that information appropriate for the article? The article seems to be about why Harry Hay was a bad person. You know, it doesn't really talk about his life, but just says that he was a Communist advocate of pedophillia/ephebophillia. I'm not really comfortable about adding biographical information to it. It doesn't seem to fit with the tone of the rest of the article.--Steve 14:40, 19 July 2007 (EDT)
Communist advocate of pedophillia? Wow. Sounds like he's running for Congress. RobS 15:18, 19 July 2007 (EDT)

Cut from intro:

Hay has been likened to Thomas Jefferson, Emma Goldman, and Rosa Parks among liberal advocates of gay rights. <ref>''The Boston Phoenix'', [ The real Harry Hay], Michael Bronski, October 31 - November 7, 2002. </ref>

Rob, you may not have noticed that it was only the Phoenix author who paid Hay this tribute. Has anyone else compared him to this famous personages? --Ed Poor Talk 08:42, 19 July 2007 (EDT)