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KR's 2 cents in light of recent events

Apparently all lives don't matter to these clowns, just dead black criminals killed by anyone who isn't black. If you are a black person that was killed by another black person, these people think you deserve to die because black criminals are their heroes. I also think its pathetic how you have these white sympathizing hippies siding with these fiends even though they have no place speaking for people that aren't of their race.

I'm surprised if anything how much crime BLM gets away with. The killings and looting that happened today should be reason enough to disband this crazy train of devil worship. While there is something to be said about careful vetting on who you let in law enforcement, BLM has gone too far. Like Jonah, I would wish people like this would just have fire and brimstone rained upon their heads and be done with them. KommissarReb (talk) 10:01, 8 July 2016 (EST)

All Lives Matter. TYVM

Began in July 22 of 2016 to prove how racist the BLM is. After recent deaths of police officers there was blue lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER ALWAYS. Anything less is racism at it's finest. Your ancestors fought to not be segregated, and now you want segregation back. (Rosa Parks) Also nobody currently alive has ever owned a slave, or been a slave, aside from sex slaves. Sex slavery still happens, but nobody cares about those slaves at all. #ALM #ALMA