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Symantec Corporation is a cybersecurity software company focused on the protection of information and computer systems. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and was founded in April 1982.[1]


  • Norton Consumer Endpoint Security software (anti-malware)
  • LifeLock identity protection
  • Enterprise Security, using their Integrated Cyber Defense Platform

Symantic also operated as a SSL certificate authority for a time, but in August 2017 announced that it was transferring this task to DigiCert.[2]

Size and success

In 2017, Symantec was number 400 on Fortune 500 list. It employed about 13,000 global employees, and held 2,000 global patents. Only 52% of their income came from the United States. The remaining 48% came from international markets.[1]


In the growing field of cybersecurity, Symantec has a number of competitors. Perhaps the greatest of these are Microsoft, Intel Security (McAfee), and Trend Micro.[3] Other competitors include Avocent Corporation, Cisco Systems, Google, IBM, and Oracle.[4]