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Sikh Youth UK is, as the name implies, a group of young Sikh-British activists who, much like journalist and activist Tommy Robinson, have worked to shed light on the dire situation regarding Islamic (especially Pakistani) grooming gangs in the United Kingdom, and to bring these pedophiles to justice. They specifically work to protect their own community (Sikh Britons) from these rape gangs, but also frequently act to protect non-Sikh girls from the gangs as well. Much like Tommy Robinson, they have been demonized and referred to as bigots by the global mainstream press, even though they are obviously not bigoted at all. There are videos available online which depict members of the group holding Pakistani Muslim pedophiles under citizens' arrest until able to transfer them to the proper authorities.[1][2] They have worked to spread awareness to the epidemic in Britain and throughout Europe of underage Sikh and native European girls being targeted for sexual abuse.

However, due to being demonized as bigots, the group has been investigated for supposedly questionable use of money,[3][4] and their website was deactivated for several months, with an error message that read, "The site has been disabled. Please contact support."[1] However, their website has since been re-instated, and can be accessed here.

In addition, the YouTube video uploaded on their channel involving members of the group discussing the aforementioned demonization of their group as bigots, entitled, "Sikh Youth UK Meet Donald Trump?", which even goes so far as to denounce the associations made between them and individuals such as Tommy Robinson and Donald Trump, was placed on YouTube's Restricted Mode blacklist.[5]

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