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This is a list of Scientists whose careers were ruined because their observations or explanations conflicted with the scientific mainstream, particularly when the mainstream was biased (see liberal bias).

  1. Ignaz Semmelweis was ostracized by his medical peers after demonstrating that an "invisible substance" caused childbed fever in pregnant women (1840s Vienna).
  2. Estel Melton was being ostracized by his peers after publishing a book that disproved the theory of evolution.[1]
  3. Guillermo Gonzalez lost out on a tenure track position for speaking out for intelligent design.
  4. Michael Behe has faced constant mockery for writing on intelligent design.
  5. Halton Arp was advised to change the line of his research or look for another job and finally, after being denied the telescope time, forced to resign from his permanent position as staff astronomer at the Mt. Palomar and Mt. Wilson observatories on a direct order of the editor of Astrophysical Journal S. Chandrasekhar. Arp's observations related to high redshifts of quasar indicated that the Big Bang theory as "accepted cosmology" should be fundamentally reexamined what was met with repugnance by so-called mainstream scientists who treat the Big Bang theory as sacred unassailable dogma.[2]
  6. Andrew Wakefield had his paper on vaccines and autism withdrawn by The Lancet due to what the journal identified as having several incorrect elements.[3]

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